Saturday, March 26, 2016

In February 1971, the British government sent troops, tanks and armored cars into residential Irish neighborhoods, kicking doors and bashing heads in the process of "arresting" (kidnapping) Republican dissenters. These men were held for years without charges, without bail and without warrants. This action was supported by most Brits, and Irish Unionists...but provoked violent backlash, resulting in open warfare between Irish Republicans and British troops. It STILL isn't over. Food for thought.
Beginning in late January of this year, and continuing even now, the US government began a similar pogrom against political dissenters in the West. Without legitimate warrants, charges, bail, or any form of due process, the initial attack saw one dead and at least two more wounded, followed by dozens of kidnappings, with the promise of more to come.
This political purge has its roots in land and sovereignty disputes going back more than a century. It nearly came to a head in the 70s, but was forestalled by Reagan's campaign promises. Things got better for a year or two, but then it was right back to business as usual. Now, it has come to a head again...and arrests are being made. The crime? Exercising natural, human rights guaranteed by our nation's founding documents.
Looking back on the centennial of the Irish uprising of 1916, it's worth a look at the political dynamics that caused it, and the parallels with our own "Sagebrush Rebellion."
And it's high time for everyone to stand behind our OWN "men behind the wire." There will be no more fence-sitting. Which side will YOU take? Will you stand with us peacefully while it's still possible? Or be caught in the crossfire after our hand is forced?

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