Tuesday, March 1, 2016


 Ammon Bundy on the phone with the FBI negotiator at the FBI complex. I know crazy right? You're asking yourself...wait a minute...Ammon went to the FBI complex? Why didn't they just arrest him there? Why did they need to set up an ambush days later? Good question. And why would the FBI negotiator not negotiate with Ammon? Because they wouldn't do it if cameras and recordings were around. Why? For this exact reason. It's too hard to cover up all your lies when there is video evidence.

FBI: "So what kind of projects have you been working on at the refuge?"

Ammon: "there was some fire hazards actually in the fire house. Believe it or not. One of the guys out there was a fire inspector for most of his career so we have identified those things and we are getting some of those things cleaned up and getting some of the EXPLOSIVES cleaned up and out of the way. And we promise you, we will not use them."

Unfortunately most people get their news from the mainstream media, so they are not exposed to anything even approaching the truth. If most Americans....well those not on the gov dole.....knew what was REALLY going on in this country, we'd be in the middle of the second revolution as we speak...

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